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10 tips to encourage early literacy

10 tips to encourage early literacy

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1. Share books from infancy. Introduce books to your child and they will grow up loving them.

2. Show your child how a book works. Point out the front cover, and teach your child to turn pages.

3. Let your children see you read. They will want to do what you do.

4. Make book-sharing fun, whether you cuddle up together at bedtime or read for a few moments during playtime.

5. Talk about what you see in a book. Look at the pictures and let your child describe what they see.

6. Have fun with language. Say nursery rhymes and repeat them often.

7. Sing together. Music encourages an understanding of the sounds in words.

8. Talk about your day and ask about your child's day.

9. Read longer stories or tell imaginative stories to your children. Choose stories that have a beginning, middle, and an end to encourage reading comprehension.

10. Point out print all around us. Show your child the text in the books, on sings, and on cereal boxes.

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What can you borrow with your library card??

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Hi there!

Did you know you can borrow so many different types of items with your library card? Here is an interesting article on things people can borrow with their library card at libraries around the world! Very interesting

Awesome Library Card

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Did you know that you can do more than borrow library books with your card? You can! You can register for programs, search academic databases, take free instructor-led adult online instruction courses, and much much more!

To learn more what is available to you talk to library staff today!

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Ebooks: A Library on the Go

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Are you curious about ebooks? Library staff demonstrate how to download an ebook using OverDrive.

Saturday, June 22
2:00 - 3:30 p.m

Register in person, by phone, or online.