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Teen Night Launch

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Teen Night Launch at the Genesis Centre

Youth read: Reader's cafe

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Getting tired of Twilight? Can recite all of Harry’s spells along with him? Hungry for a Hunger Games readalike?

Well, then you are in luck!

Saddletowne library is here to chase your summer reading blahs away with Youth Read: Reader’s Café! We have a teen read expert coming in this Friday July 13th at 2:30 – 3:30! Refreshments will be provided for this fun drop in session! Come find your new favourite book, or discover a book by an author you didn’t know about! No matter what you like, we’ll find you a great new book to enjoy!

ESL Teen Talk: Summer Edition!

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Join us once again for this fun program at the Saddletowne Library! All teens who want to practise their English skills are welcome to sign up and attend this fun program! ESL Teen talk is a week-long program from 2:00-3:30 PM for all teens ages 10-14.

This program encourages teens to become more confident, make friends, and have lots of fun while learning! The daily schedule includes great prizes and fun games every day that help teens practise their English skills and become more confident speakers!

Call, come in, or register online today!