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CPO @ Village Square

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CPO @ Village Square

The shelves were alive with the sound of music on February 10th at Village Square. Calgary Philharmonic violinists Lenora Leggatt and Lorna Tsai serenaded customers and staff as part of the CPO at Your Library program. The violinists were spontaneously accompanied by young listeners practicing their best ballet moves. Seeing these young dancers led one customer to comment that it was a moment he would “remember forever”.

If you enjoy classical music please watch for the next CPO at Your Library event at Village Square!

Village Square Library Now Has a Blog!

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We'll use this blog to better communicate with Village Square Library customers about programs and issues affecting our branch.

For example:

Program Room #2 is open to the public as a quiet study space whenever it not otherwise in use. Agencies and Library staff also use this room for meetings and programs, leaving customers uncertain as to when the room will be available. This blog will list the times each week when our room is open to people wanting to study. Please call us or check this blog before coming to Village Square Library to ensure that the space is open to you.

We also offer a number of programs not listed in the September-December Program Guide. Why aren't they in the guide you ask? Well, sometimes the opportunity to have a guest speaker or entertainer arises only after the booklet is published. We don't want to deny our customers these free sessions, so we often post flyers around the branch. With this blog, we can now inform you of these great performances more effectively.