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1) Who qualifies to access free event tickets and admission passes?

This program is targeted to individuals and families who have a City of Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance card and a valid Calgary Public Library card. This process is used to ensure that tickets and passes reach those who would not otherwise have the financial means to participate in these experiences.

2) How do I know if I qualify for the City of Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance program?

Visit the City of Calgary's website for more information at or call 3-1-1 and request an application form. Application forms will also be made available at the service desk at each library.

3) How does this program work?

A patron can visit his/her local library branch in person and find the Sun Life Financial Arts + Culture display. Individuals and families must show their City of Calgary Recreation Fee Assistance card along with their valid Calgary Public Library card in person to be eligible. To participate, both cards must be in good standing.


1. Find an event you would like to attend from the event listings page found on the display in your local library branch.

2. Select the voucher with the presenting partner's logo from the library display.

3. Take the voucher to the library service desk to exchange it for FREE tickets to the event of your choice.

4. Enjoy the show and then remember to share your message of thanks to the partner with us!

4) How many event tickets or admission passes can a person sign out?

An individual may sign out a maximum of ONE pair of event tickets or ONE admission pass per day. If a patron wants to attend a second event, then they must come back the next day to receive tickets if they are still available.

Periodically the Calgary Public Library receives a donation of Calgary transit passes from the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre. The number of transit passes that can be signed out is dependent upon the number of event tickets being signed out. So for instance, an individual who signs out one voucher to the theatre (which admits 2 people) would be eligible to sign out a maximum of 4 transit passes (2 passes to get to the event and 2 for the return trip). Calgary Transit Passes are subject to availability. Transit Passes MUST be signed out in conjunction with an event.

5) Can a Fee Assistance patron sign out event tickets or admission passes for friends or neighbors?

No. Each individual or family wanting to access the program must present their valid Fee Assistance card and Calgary Public Library card in person at the library branch. No exceptions will be made.

6) What if I have fines or blocks on my library card?

To participate in the Sun Life Financial Arts + Culture Pass, library cards must be in good standing. Fines and blocks must be resolved before any event tickets or admission passes can be distributed.

7) Can an individual or family put event tickets on hold for pick up?

No. At this time, the Calgary Public Library cannot place holds on event tickets and admission passes. Instead, tickets and passes are available on a first come, first serve basis.

8) Will the library transfer tickets to another library branch for pick up?

No. At this time, the Calgary Public Library cannot transfer tickets from one branch to another. There are a limited number of tickets per branch from each community partner. Tickets are only available in the location they have been received.

9) What if I find out that I can't use my event tickets after I have signed them out?

We encourage all patrons to return any tickets or passes that cannot be used as soon as possible so that the Library can redistribute the tickets to another Fee Assistance patron who can use them.

10) How often are tickets distributed to the library branches?

Each branch will receive a shipment of tickets on the first of each month. If the Library is closed, the tickets will be available the following day. Periodically, select branches will also receive last minute tickets from partners who have only a few tickets to share. In most circumstances, last minute event tickets will be made available at the Central Library and an email will be sent to those individuals who have joined the mailing list.

If you wish to be notified about last minute tickets, please join our mailing list by filling out the form on our "Contact us" page.

11) Is there an event schedule available so I can see what's coming up for tickets and passes?

Yes. The Sun Life Financial Arts + Culture Pass website has an Event Listings page so individuals and families can see what is currently being offered. This listing will not be updated to show which branches still have tickets left or in which quantities, but will instead serve to show what events the community partners have donated tickets to.

12) Who do I contact if I have a question about the Sun Life Financial Arts + Culture Pass that's not covered here?

For inquiries related to partnership opportunities for the Sun Life Financial Arts + Culture Pass initiative, please contact Erin Leggett, Campaign Director at the Calgary Public Library Foundation.

Erin Leggett


Phone: 403-260-2631

For ticket information, outreach opportunities and all general inquiries, please contact Zorica Gvozdenac, Arts + Culture Pass Administrator at the Calgary Public Library.

Zorica Gvozdenac


Phone: 403-260-2778