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Teens Create...what's that?

This is a place where Calgary youth can upload their art and writing for all to see. An online publisher of sorts. You can see what other people are doing, comment, share, receive comments and be creative together.

As the Library, we want to help connect people with ideas, and making a space for you to share your art and writing is one way of doing that.

So, why not:

From the gallery

The Hunger Games

by Henna on Teens Create - 3 Comment(s)

The Hunger Games

( Cross - word Poem )

( Library )

T for Torture

H for Haymitch

E for Effie Trinket


H for Hunger

U for Unforgettable

N for Nightlocks

E for Emotional

R for Rue


G for Glimmer

A for Awareness

M for Mentor

E for Entertainment

S for Sacrifice

                                                                                          Poem By:

Henna H. 


by Lilly
I like your poem. I'm a BIG fan of the Hungar Games too! :)
by Amber K.
In the spirit of the Hunger Games, I volunteer to receive her prize in her place.. ;D
by Alexandra
Hey Henna! You need to get in touch with us about your acrostic poem for the Hunger Games contest! Call us at 260-2656

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