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Teens Create...what's that?

This is a place where Calgary youth can upload their art and writing for all to see. An online publisher of sorts. You can see what other people are doing, comment, share, receive comments and be creative together.

As the Library, we want to help connect people with ideas, and making a space for you to share your art and writing is one way of doing that.

So, why not:

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A Friend's Farewell

by Anime4life96 on Teens Create - 3 Comment(s)

This is a poem I wrote to one of my best friends that I left behind in B.C. I  miss him alot. 


A Friend's Farewell  

Has summer flown by so fast that the hours are cut short? 

That now, the rays of sun have faded away, I wish to see you more 

The spell of joy is broken, the smiles have faded away forever 

Why did this had to end so soon? When will I see you...never? 


Why can't time just linger on and be how it was before? 

When we didn't need to worry about anything, anything at all 

We've enjoyed each other's company, everyday with no regrets 

I will never forget you my dear friend, but what about me...will you forget? 


Our friendship has grown strong and stronger it will grow 

Even though we're far apart, I won't let my misery show 

We've never thought this day would come, where we would go our separate ways 

When that day finally came, we didn't know what to say 


We looked at each other with hurt and sadness in our eyes

We then gave each other one last embrace and said our last good-bye


by Emily Elizabeth White
that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Anime4life96
It's a poem that I wrote and dedicated to my best friend who lives in B.C
by Anonymous
What is it?

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