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I live for the laughter and joy of life,

I live to understand those who have been through thick and thin,

I live to see you grow up in becoming a husband or wife,

I live in learning to raise my head up and be proud of my kin.


I live in holding the love of nature,

I live for the fresh splash of the waves and for its terrifying, devouring tsunami,

I live in laying on the lush, soft grass, admiring the cool breeze and waiting for an adventure.

I live for the strong storms with winds that slice like ice and feeling the whammy.


I live in crying tears of emotion,

I live in grasping more knowledge with experience,

I live for trying true loves potion,

I live for success and hardworking brilliance.


I live for hearing spine-chilling and inspiring stories,

I live for watching the change of the world,

I live for helping people achieve their glories,  

I live in monitoring the way situations get unfurled.


I live in reading and writing amazing things that take me into a place of imagination,

I live in expressing my feelings for the rights of people and for the rights of everyone,

I live in exploring the depths the world has hidden and become untied as a nation,

I live for freedom.

I believe in freedom.


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