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My pet peeve-Laugh with me!

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Do you ever wonder why people are laughing , talking so loud? I do. I always try to think the reason, maybe they are reading, watching something funny, maybe a friend told them a story on the phone that really happened that was hilarious.   I don’t know!

In the morning…

...” Hahahahahahahahhaha!!” a girl shouted. I was surprised, she wore a cute blue dress, with pink and purple flowers, black sandals with hills about 5” high, her hair where a beautiful brown with a head band on it. The head band had a blue and sky blue flower. When I saw her I thought that she was a nice, gentle girl, but I thought wrong, her laugh was totally different then her beautiful face!

She did not stop, I mean she continued to laugh for more then five minutes.

“Excuse me?” I asked “could you please laugh more silently?”. “Oh, sorry “ answered the girl, “it’s just that I was watching this video that is so funny!” she showed me the video and it was just people playing at domino with iPhones! I didn’t find it so hilarious!! “oh, cool!!” I lied.

After work…

… My day at work was really good, but then…

…When I was in the bus another man was talking to a friend, it was so loud that the driver tried to tell him to stop but HE DIDN’T HEAR IT!

I went close to him and I tried to ask “Mmhh… could you please talk not so loud?” “I can’t  hear you!” he yelled. I took out of my bag a piece of paper and I wrote:

Could you please talk not so loud??             Thank you

“OOHHH!” the man yelled again, “sorry” he said whispering, I could not hear him! So I made an example of the volume of the voice: “this is the volume that you should use in front of the public”.

It was a normal sentence not too loud and not to silent… PERFECT!

He understood and after that moment he was not annoying   anymore.

After a couple of days…

…I wrote an article about my pet peeve and I shared it on the news paper!


Michael Smith California October 4th 2013


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