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Week 8:
by love2read on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

I believe that the Harry Potter Series would win the writing olympics. Although the other contestants are all doing well in the competition, Harry Potter is definetely in the lead. The description in the Harry Potter Series makes me feel like I am actually there. All the little details make sure an impact in this book, you read about all the quirks and also in depth characterization that allows you to connect with the characters in the book. The places described in the book also have excellent details, and great wording as well. This is why the Harry Potter books win the writing Olympics!!

join the debate

Week 9: Pin it to Win it, Join the Debate, Read
by fuzzy reader :D on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)


new central library

Week 6: New Central Library, 100th Word, Literary Mix Tape, Read
by fuzzy reader :D on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

1:Place of welcome-I f people don't feel welcome, they won't come.

2:Creativity and imagination-people are nothing without creativity and imagination so libraries should pimote it.

3:Life skills-life skills are very important in your life at some point so you should learn them for an informative place.

4:Teens and young adults-teens and young adults shape our future so they should be positivaly influenced.

5:children and families-famalies need a place and way to bond.

new central library

Week 5: New Central Library, Draw, Read
by fuzzy reader :D on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

1:Preserving calgarys history and heratige-you need to know your past to have your present.

2:Skilled staff-Askilled staff will help people feel comfortable and provide information.

3:Lifelong learning-people learn all the time so why not learn at an informative place full of books and a skilled staff?

4:Cool programs and events-cool programs and events could get people to read more.

5:A place to hang out-if people hung out at the library they may take out more books.

the olympians

Week 4: Photobomb, Comic Strip, The Olympians, Read
by fuzzy reader :D on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

My fave olympian from the top 12 is Poseidon, god of the seas. He is my fave because I love the ocean and sea creatures, plus I love his name 2! :D

opening line

WEEK 1: Alternate Career, Opening Line, Book Bucket List, Read
by fuzzy reader :D on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

My faveorite opening line is "Call me Ismael." from Moby Dick by Herman Melville because it's so simple imediatly dives into the story.


Week 11: Non-Fiction, End of the World or Read
by Green on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

Do you like distopia? Why or why not?

Yes, distopia, along with science fiction, is my favourite genre of book. I read an article that said teenagers are obsessed with distopia because it proves that adults are messing up the world. That's not why I like it, though. I guess I like to read about how a different kind of society works, and because books set in the future tend to incorporate a lot of science. Altogether, it gives me a lot to think about.

Of all of the dystopic books you have read, which ‘end of the world’ scenario do you think is the most realistic?

I know I've read some realistic distopias, but I can't seem to remember any. the most realistic I can come up with is the Giver. Nothing's too improbable, and the kind of order and ignorance they have seems scarily easy to happen.

Why do you think that people are obsessed with the end of the world?

I think there are 2 reasons: the first being, after the Hunger Games, everyone wants to get more of where it came from. If it weren't for that book's popularity, I would say that with the huge messes the world's in, it gives up a chance to escape and say, "Hey, it could always be worse".

What is your favourite dystopia novel?

I think I'll have to resort to my top 3 again, so in no particular order, here they are:

The Hunger Games- Everyone agrees it's great, although I think I might like it for different reasons;

Across the Universe- Another trilogy. High-tech and very unique, it was even better than I expected. I think the 3rd book is coming soon;

The Chrysalids- I read it in school and loved it- pretty much a classic of distopias.

Non-Fiction Review

Week 11: Non-Fiction, End of the World or Read
by Green on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

My top 3 non-fiction books are:

3: Chicken Soup for the Soul

While it's inspiring and great as a quick read, a series of collections of stories means you can't choose a favourite.

2: The 7 Habits of Highly effective Teens

Just wanted to give a shout-out to the ONLY self-help book (that I've read) that's any good.

1: Embracing the Wide Sky

This book was written by autistic savant Daniel Tammet. (An autistic savant is someone with the mental condition called autism and would be considered highly gifted even if they didn't have it.) It could be considered an autoibiography if you wanted to classify it, but it's really not. Baisically, he rambles on about whatever he thinks about different topics, especially autistic savants. It's challenging and makes you think, and you learn a little bit about everything. I highly recomend it.

140- Character Book Tweet

Week 10: Cosplay, Tweet or Read
by Green on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)

Choices: girl has incorrect memories. Gets used to switching universes. Universe where didn't cause bro's death? Weird, reread to make sense

Villain Backstory

Week 8:
by Green on Youth Read 2012 - 0 Comment(s)
When the not-yet stepmother was 10 years old her father left her and her mother. Her mother, unable to support them without a man, remarried quickly. As if this wasn't enough for the young girl to deal with, her mother ignored her in favour of her new husband's children. This was both because the girl was ugly and her mother wanted to leave the past behind. The girl was a constant reminder of him. She hardened her heart and swore that she would always put her own children first, as a mother should.
Soon enough, however, her hard heart was melted by a young man. Like her, the man wasn't much to look at, and perhaps that is why they started to talk together. No matter the reason, she fell in love with him for his kind heart. Her mother was happy to see her married off. They became fairly well off, but then he died in a tragic accident, leaving her with two young girls. Devastated, and rich enough to support herself, she refused to remarry until the girls were teenagers and her estate began to dwindle. She went to a masked ball, to hide her ugly face, and found a rich merchant. She proceeded to get him drunk until he proposed. Once he was sober again, she was surprised to find he didn't care how she looked, but loved her personality. After the marriage, she came to love him back. But barely a year later, he died too. Although devastated, she became suspected by the community and was forced to live a solitary life, with only her daughters and stepdaughter for company. She took out her frustrations on Cinderella, both to fulfill her childhood vow, out of jealousy, and because she reminded her of both her dear, dead husbands.
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