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How'd it go?

It's hard to believe but summer is over...and that means Youth Read is too. We'd love to hear what you thought about the challenges, website, and prizes so that we can make it even better next year! Please take a few minutes and give us:

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Youth Read is finished, but the fun doesn't have to end - you can still show us your creative side with Teens Create, tell us what you're reading for our Teen Picks list, and keep an eye on the Teen Zone Blog for future challenges and contests.

Week 3: Meanwhile at the Library...

meanwhile in Calgary

bonus prize challengeChallenge 1: Still Afloat!

Bonus Prize Challenge! Complete this challenge to win a t-shirt and some good karma too!

It’s been amazing to see Calgarians coming together to help the victims of the recent flooding - that community spirit is part of what we love about this great city! As you may have heard, the Central Library is facing a massive repair bill, and this challenge is a chance for you to help. Create a t-shirt design for the library - it can be flood-related, library-related, or related to nothing at all - it’s entirely up to you. Our guest judge, Paul from the Calgary Public Library Foundation, will choose his favourites and turn them into REAL t-shirts that we will sell to help the library’s flood recovery efforts. If we choose your design, you’ll get a free t-shirt with your design, and of course the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped us rebuild, book by book.

Thanks to Keli Pollock for letting us use her awesome pic!

Challenge 2: Alternate Ending

Is there anything more aggravating than working your way through a great book, only to have the conclusion completely disappoint you? Have you (silently or otherwise) yelled at the screen when a movie derailed right at the end? Well, you don't have to sit back and take it - do something about it! Write an alternate ending to your favorite flawed masterpiece that would make the author or director <cough> George Lucas <cough> weep with regret!

Challenge 3: Read!

First, find a great spot – in the shade under a tree, curled up in your room, or lounging by a lake (but not on a riverbank). Second, pick a great book – we can definitely help if you need some suggestions. Third, read read read read read! Five hours all at once or just a bit at a time – whatever works for you. If you choose this as your option, just select "Reading hours" as your submission type on the contest submission form.

Challenge 4: And I Quote…

What's your favourite quotation? It can be from a book, movie, or game – anywhere at all – but it has to be something that genuinely moves you. The kind of quote you would get tattooed on your arm, or at least drawn on with a Sharpie. There’s a catch though – you have to show us, not just write it down. Turn your quote into a work of art – a drawing, photo, or typographic art like the one below. Just don’t get a tattoo and blame it on us!

Just a reminder - everything you submit to Youth Read should be your own original work! If you're just posting a picture you found online, please credit the original source.

my thoughts are starsYes!

(Carrie made this one)

long literary tattooNo.

(pic from

When you're ready, submit your challenges using the link at the side or click here.