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How'd it go?

It's hard to believe but summer is over...and that means Youth Read is too. We'd love to hear what you thought about the challenges, website, and prizes so that we can make it even better next year! Please take a few minutes and give us:

your feedback

Youth Read is finished, but the fun doesn't have to end - you can still show us your creative side with Teens Create, tell us what you're reading for our Teen Picks list, and keep an eye on the Teen Zone Blog for future challenges and contests.

Week 7: Hadouken!

KatOxymoronic, Roxy Doodlebug, Em, Carter A Sieben, and Green - you have all won draws in the last few weeks but we're having a hard time contacting you - please email us at to claim your prizes!


Challenge 1: Hadouken!

What’s better than video games? Game-inspired memes, of course! Challenge yourself Street Fighter style and make your very own hadouken pic like the one to the left. Check out all of these if you need inspiration. (Side note: vadering pics and other photo memes are also welcome).

Challenge 2: Write something

Yes, it’s that easy. You guys have sent in tons of great writing this summer and we want to see more – so write us a poem, a (very) short story, a letter, or anything at all.

bonus prizeChallenge 3: Dress It Up

Bonus Prize Challenge! Complete this challenge for a chance to win Cineplex Odeon movie passes & snacks for you and 3 friends.

The Catching Fire movie is coming out this fall, and as you all know Cinna’s costume designs are a big part of the story (Girl on Fire anyone?). You're a new designer for the games, so show us your stuff by creating an outfit for one of the tributes – draw it, or if you’re really ambitious, make the real deal and send us a picture. If you’re not a Hunger Games fan, feel free to design an outfit for any character you like!

Challenge 4: Read!

Remember, reading for five hours is always an option. Not sure what to read? Try these great books that were turned into movies:

scott pilgrim 1tfiosnick & norah's infinite playliststardustperks of being a wallflower

If you choose this as your option, just select "Reading hours" as your submission type on the contest submission form.

When you're ready, submit your challenges using the link at the side or click here.