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We hope you enjoyed Youth Read this summer! It's all over now, but we'd love to hear from you to find out what we did well and what we can improve for next year. Please take a few minutes to give us:

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Youth Read is finished, but the fun doesn't have to end - you can still show us your creative side with Teens Create, tell us what you're reading for our Teen Picks list, and keep an eye on the Teen Zone Blog for future challenges and contests.

Top Ten - Week Nine

Youth Read is over, and we're very sad to see it go...we have been absolutely blown away this summer by your creativity, talent, and humour, and we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part. With over 600 entries this week alone, it was a tough job to pick our ten favourites, but here are the final set of judge's picks:

sunsetSummer Scenes by dr.speedee

Photoshop: Even Assassins Read Books by Sunny D

Attention: New CPL Ad! by French Vanilla


The Lord of the Library Cards by Nyssa

Write Something by Joweria Ekram

Summer scenes by tt

How to Cartoon by Burrito

Magic Moments by Charys

Seeking a Better Prize by Lovley Luna

Top Ten - Week Eight

twilight princessesThe bookface pics were awesome, and we had some great entries for the other challenges too:

How to Judge a Book by its Cover by Adina

What's Your Geek? The Legend of Zelda by Guindofish

Becoming Wicked - Book Spine Poem by Nyssa

DIY Peach Pit Ring by Ivyy

Face It: This Hat is Fabulous by Adina

My Geek - Pirates! by Shay

Get Your Geek On! by Ambre Mah-Fifi

Face It! by write4porsche

Challenge 1: Face It by PerksOfBeingMe

And I quote... by Ivyy

Top Ten - Week Seven

hadouken kick You continue to blow us away with your creativity and talent! Here are the judges' picks for week 7:

Write Something! by PotterAlways713

District Four Costume by Lovley Luna

Draw Something by ZaNeErAh

Challenge 1: Hadouken! by PerksOfBeingMe

The Plights with Flights by Babybluebell

Dress it Up - Evie by Shay

Miss Fortune by lilkb2st

challenge 1 : zombify :drawing by ImaginativeAnne

Challenge 3: Dress It Up by PerksOfBeingMe

Dress It Up ~ Katniss by Vanessa

Top Ten - Week Six

dragonWeek six was full of visual and musical are our judges' top picks:

Draw something... by Mona

Challenge 2: Draw Something by PerksOfBeingMe

Uglies Trilogy: Mix Tape! by write4porsche

Juliet's Song Tape by Sophie

RAK- You are... by tt

Literary Mixtape: Mixtape for Victor by Hannah

Having tea with Douglas Adams by Kate

Draw Something by Naomi.C

The Mixiest Tape of Them All!! by

My Meeting With Dr. Seuss by Syd

Top Ten - Week Five

zombie girlWow! Apparently zombies really bring out your creative side...

Zombify by Sadie

The Anonymous Compliment (RAK) by Octavia

Gentlemen Prefer Zombies by Jynxedgrl

Challenge 1: Zombify! by PerksOfBeingMe

Txting: Choose ur OWN adventure; Zombie Apocalypse by French Vanilla

Random Act of Kindness with Loonies by Scarlett-Writer

Zombie Apocalypse! by Emma B.

zombified by Becca

Zombie Terminator by lilkb2st

Beauty ate the Beast by Chloe

Top Ten - Week Four

be a unicorn

Our faves from week 4:

my quote by Grace :)

How To... Kill A Vampire!! by

Unplugged! by stuckinbooks

Unplugged... by doodles@500

Completely Unplugged by tt

Challenge #4 And I lilskell

How To: Bellydance! by Jasmine Pearl M

How to get into a better mood by Scarlett-Writer

How to... Finish Your Stories! by PotterAlways713

How to by Kate

Top Ten - Week Three

Challenge 4:
Week three's ten best:

T-Shirt Design–Calgary Flood 2013 by Ambre Mah-Fifi

And I Quote...: Name of the Wind by Hannah

Still Afloat! T-shirt design by Nyssa

Challenge 4: by KatOxymoronic

Still Afloat... by Octavia

Challenge 2 Make Something by ZaNeErAh

T-Shirt design by Kate

And I quote... by Nyssa - this design won our t-shirt contest and you can buy yours here - but hurry, they're only on sale until August 5th!

Swearing: A Slam Poem by BlueAutumn

And I Quote… by Becca

Top Ten - Week Two


The best of Week Two:

Bonus Challenge: Movie Poster by Nnnnoddy

Ready Player One Movie Poster by write4porsche

Make Something! by Sadie

Illumination by Chloe

DIY: Owl Piggy Bank by tabassom.nizari

Across the universe by Chloe

Book Spine Poem - Darkness and Death by French Vanilla

Week 2 Challenge: DIY! Lembas Bread! by S.PuppyCreature

Challenge 2: Drink Me by Shay

Make Something! by Turtlefish

Top Ten - Week One

Challenge Two: Summer Reading ListOur judges picked their top ten entries from week one and here they are:

Challenge Two: Summer Reading List by brittney.felske

Opening Lines - Uglies by Scott Westerfeld by write4porsche

Favourite Opening Line by French Vanilla

Opening Lines by Brianna

George Speaks: About No and Me by Lovley Luna

Challenge 2: Summer Reading Bucket List Z:D by

George Has Spoken by Josephine

Summer Reading List! by PotterAlways713

Challenge #3 George Speaks by lilskell

George Speaks by stuckinbooks