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Week 4: Unplug
by Kate on Youth Read 2013 - 2 Comment(s)

How to improve at drawing

1) Find a picture of something to draw and spend as much time as possible trying to make your drawing as close to the picture as possible. Keep doing this with many pictures and eventually you will become great at drawing with photos as references.

2) Never give up. I cannot count how many times i have thrown down my pencil in rage and stormed off because i was frustrated with my drawing. If you get frustrated, take a break and come back. Do not give up drawing forever. 

3) Practice! With practive and dedication, you will surely improve miraculously over time

4) Have plenty of ideas. With no ideas of what to draw, what could you draw? It's best to have a whole list of things so you have options and are never stumped

5) Have fun. If you're too serious it could lose it's joy. Make sure you are enjoying yourself


by Kate
I normally do my best to draw realistic, but when i have no picture to look off of i get a strange mixture between realistic and cartoon. Although I watch a lot of anime, i haven't figured out how to draw anime very well
by Caitlyn Charles
*takes notes* Yep, I second this. :D drawing is a LOT of fun!! Do you do anime, or some other style? :)

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