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Week 4: Unplug
by stuckinbooks on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

I must say, this challenge was a lot harder than it seemed. I can't believe our lives rely so much on technology today!

So anyway, I started off my day completely convinced that I was literally about to have the most boring day of my life...well at least of my summer. How on earth could I keep my hands off of my beloved phone or that wonderful tv remote?!? But guess what? I made it! An entire day without any technology whatsoever...and it felt great! Phew.

So you must be wondering...what ever did she do then, for the whole day? I've got one word for you people and it is...READ! I literally spent my entire day reading. Reading outside, reading inside, reading while eating, reading everywhere! I timed myself, and I apparently read for over seven hours. Whoops! Is that even healthy?? Probably not. 

Anyway, it's not like I barely put my book down at all. Pffft.

So anyway, to end my awesome adventure (and believe me, it was an adventure‚Ķall those books!!) with the Unplugged challenge, I decided to take a nice walk to watch the sunset. I sat down on this bench, and I decided to observe how many people walked by with some device in their hands. And nearly everyone had either a phone or an iPod. Many just seemed to walk right by the beautiful scenery, too focused on choosing a song or answering a text. It was crazy!

I wonder what life was like, before all this awesome tech was invented. When you had to look through pages of a dictionary to find the word you were looking for, and walk through shelves and shelves in a library to find the book you wanted, all on your own. I can't even imagine!

Anyway, I do admit...this was in fact not the most boring day of my summer! I learned a lot...thank you Youth Read! :D




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