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Challenge #4 And I Quote...

Week 3: Meanwhile at the Library...
by lilskell on Youth Read 2013 - 1 Comment(s)
Challenge #4 And I Quote...

Not all quotes that are genuinely moving are found in the inspirational moments of movies or are hiding in the crevases of a books intense chapter. While in most cases these places are where motivation is found, I have found that it is quotes and things of life that are filled with simplicity that can be the most moving in the most profound ways. While the quote " Bedo Bedo Bedo" from Despicable Me 2  would not touch the heart of an athlete in the last minute hudle of a game or encourage a soilder to press on over seas, it does bring joy and laughter...emotions and reactions that create great opportunitys for motivation and inspiration.


by SunnyD
Not only is that quote inspirational, it is also addictive and fun to say! Bedo! ;)

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