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Having tea with Douglas Adams

Week 6: Mix It Up
by Kate on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

Palms sweating and heart racing, I take a deep breath and open up the door that leads to the room where Douglas Adams, author of The Hitch Hikers' guide to the Galaxy, is waiting for me. Nervously, i pull out a chair to sit upon, and somehow through all of my nervousness muster a "Hello". Douglas Adams says hello back. I build up the courage to ask Douglas Adams how he thought of the plot for The Hich Hikers' Guide. Listening intently, I take mental notes of all the things he'd do to prevent writer's block and to stay creative. 

Relaxing a bit and becoming more comfortable talking to one of my heroes, I start to ask him more questions, like if he thought the movie was created to his liking and if he had fun writing the series. I'd tell Douglas Adams how difficult the Text Adventure is, and i'm sure he'd laugh.  I'm sure that somewhere amidst all of my questions i'll quote the Hitch Hiker's Guide. I'll also break away from asking him about his books and ask what it was like to help out with the script of Doctor Who. 

Having all of my questions answered and our cups of tea empty, I tell him how much I admire him and give him a warm hand shake. Before leaving, I say one last statement.

"You know, for someone who is dead, you sure talk a lot"


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