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Magic Moments

Week 9: The End
by Charys on Youth Read 2013 - 0 Comment(s)

I sit outside with a small child on my lap. Her energy is boundless; the word effervescent describes her perfectly. She squirms, chattering away in Spanish.

I look up as a shadow falls across the pavement in front of me. My teammate is there, carrying another Mexican child on his shoulders. Looking down, he grins as the little girl jumps up and tugs at my hand. Slowly, I get up and hoist her onto my shoulders too.

Then suddenly, I'm off! My friend and his charge chase me around the orphanage. The girl is squealing with happiness as she twists around and tries to grab at her advesary. We run around and around, and other children join in the fun. One of the dogs begins barking as she runs to come with us. We run through the gate, around the cafeteria, and finally across the field.

Slowing down, I lift the bundle of energy off of my shoulders. A group of kids surrounds me, grabbing at my shoulders and trying to jump onto my back, chattering away. Grinning wearily at the team members who have joined us, I host another child onto my back. This time, I chase someone else.

The child on my back yells something. I can't understand her. Instead, I run faster.

We do this again and again, until the sun goes down and the children go to bed. The team members gather around and we sit in a circle, talking about our day and watching the sunset.


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