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Every week, our judges pick their ten favourite creative entries and post them here. One of those ten people will win a $25 gift card, so show us your best work and it could be you!

Top Ten - Week Three

Things I loved about Youth Read this week:

  • I love that more than one of you made a blanket fort for the "Make Something" challenge :)
  • I love your appetite for adventurous food and seemingly cast iron stomachs!
  • I love that you took our weird poetry challenge and made actual, amazing poetry.
  • I love that so many of you took the time to truly listen to music as more than just background noise; there was a great range of albums and responses for the "Just Listen" challenge. I particularly love that someone chose the Barenaked Ladies' "Snack Time" album, because it is a work of genius.

What I don't love is that we can only choose ten entries from the hundreds we get every week...but choose we must, and here are our choices for Week Three:

cardboard cameras by m canfield

Just Listen - "De Retour à la Source" by French Vanilla
First page poem by Alix
Challenge 4: Make something by Ashly
Just Listen! by Kkm13
Make Something: Cardboard Cameras by M. Canfield
Fallen, By Evanescence by Rabita
Make Something-Patterned shorts by SarahB
Challenge 5: Just Listen by chuckvsyourmom
Challenge 4: Make Something (Road Map) by Quyenner
Page One Poem - Hollow City by Katelyn

Top Ten - Week Two

summer elephant

The Draw Something challenge is one of my favourites, because we get such an amazing range of entries (and possible also because I can't draw, so I'm always super impressed by people who can). So it should be no surprise that most of this week's Top Ten are drawings...

Draw Something - Thorin Oakenshield by MorganJFK
Summer Elephant by cindytn
Another Draw Something by ZZ
The Lonely Deadpool by BillyBobJoe
Geek Eats: Stargate Cake by M. Canfield
Draw Something: Saphira from the Inheritance Cycle by LittleRed
Geek Eats (Batman!) by Jesse
Modern Les Mis Boys Because Why Not by R
Drawing (my cat) by Hasna
Draw Something: Kakashi by Adina


Top Ten - Week One

adventure plan

You're off to a great start and we were really impressed with your creative entries this week! Sadly we can only pick ten for the Top Ten, and here they are:

Week 1, Challenge 1: My Summer Adventure Plan by Abeer.Ahmad

Sunsets, Notepads, and Unplanned Adventures by ohorat

Kimi ni Todoke (From Me To You) by Mikasa Ackerman

Challenge 1 plan your adventure by Jasmine Pearl M

An Adventurous Summer by Rabita

Chessmaniac by laibaaa

Who Drew It Better by Ayesha1036

Challenge 1: Plan Your Adventure by LittleRed

Challenge 3: Top Ten for Now and Then! by 1Q84

(Week one) Challenge 1: plan your adventure! by lacanete13